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Spin Off of the University of Parma
to support Companies working in the
market of
Dietary Supplements
and Novel &
Healthy Food

ActiCert Spin Off of the University of Parma

The seeds of the birth of ActiCert were sowed during one of the many meetings on the topic of "Dietary Supplement and Novel Food" with leading figures from the scientific society of the University of Parma.

The idea is to provide support to the Companies working in the specific field of Dietary Supplements and Novel & Healthy Food, helping in research, development and analysis of all the products included into these categories.

ActiCert, spin off of the University of Parma, sees in the University of Parma itself, the crucial center of its own research activities, standard tests, chemical and microbiological tests, ex vivo and in vivo in vitro studies, as well as the design of innovative protocols for both raw material and finished products. Besides standard tests, researches and chemical and microbiological tests, ActiCert can provide a wide funded network of specialists in the whole country, for specific clinical studies in Pediatric, Gynecological, Geriatric and Sports fields.

ActiCert juxtaposes, with skillful balance, the highest medical scientific competences of the academic society and the long-standing experience of a market management expert team capable of combining the specialized and experimental needs with the complex marketing dynamics. Furthermore, by virtue of this configuration, ActiCert can offer a detailed normative and regulatory consultancy, in compliance with the legislative regulations and recommendations, allowing the submission of the obtained data to all the regulatory offices.

ActiCert, an accurate blend of scientific and marketing competences, represents the best booster for the start up and the development of the field of Dietary Supplements and Novel & Healthy Food.