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Perfect blend of medical-scientific competences and marketing management experts

The essential ingredient of our company is represented by the brilliant human resources which form it. These figures can provide a multidisciplinary approach to the issues and the requests of the clients, offering innovative and practical answers able to "upholster" the product with the best characteristics for its marketing positioning. The qualified people of our team are synergistically operative to ensure the maximum efficiency and promptness to provide specific answers to each issue.

The expertise we provide encompasses the fields of clinical and laboratory research, sustained by the best experimental and statistical evaluation techniques.

The unique distinctive trait of our team is that together with a scientific soul represented by the academic professors, capable of developing and applying clinical evaluation procedures and experimental protocols, coexists a marketing soul supporting marketing, communication and training strategies.

The requests of clinical evaluations in the fields of Medical Devices, Dietary Supplements, Phytotherapic Preparations and Vegetal Extracts, are led in compliance with the legislative regulations and recommendations, which allows the submission of the obtained data to all the regulatory offices (claims EFSA, Italian and foreign ministries).

The Scientific Academic Team

Prof. Sergio Bernasconi, MD
Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Pediatrics and pediatric nursing and endocrinology and metabolic disorders. Full Professor of Pediatrics, he managed the Pediatric Clinics of the University of Modena - Reggio Emilia and Parma. He was President of the Italian Society of endocrinology and Pediatric Diabetology. He performed his assistance activity at Modena General Hospital and Hospital of Parma. He received numerous national and international funds for researches in Pediatric Endocrinology and on the relationship between Nutrition and Endocrine factors. He published over 400 works for scientific magazines internationally peer reviewed. In the latest years he especially dedicated his work, both at a research and educational level, to the action of several supplements in Pediatric field.

Prof. Fulvio Marzatico, PhD
Supervisor of the Pharmacobiochemical, Nutrition and Nutraceutical laboratory at the University of Pavia. Committed in the characterization of the effects of many natural extracts and dietary supplements in the fields of body composition, inflammation, physical and mental performance. Expert in the research and the development of new non-invasive procedures for the evaluation of oxidative stress regulators and hormonal status.
Designer of in vitro protocols for the absorption and the distribution of raw materials or finished products in the field of dietary supplements and Medical Devices, with peculiar interest in the substances of vegetable origin and with adaptogenic, preventive and therapeutic effects.

Prof. Massimo Corradi, MD
Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, specialized in Respiratory Diseases and Occupational Medicine, Associate Professor at the University of Parma and Director of the postgraduate school of Occupational Medicine. He performs assistance and instructional activity at the complex structure of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Toxicology at the University of Parma Hospital Corporation. He contributed in the draft and realization of projects founded by national and international institutions. He is an expert in Occupational Medicine with particular reference to pulmonary diseases.

Dott.ssa Sara Tagliaferri, PhD
Graduated in Biology at the University of Parma, she achieved a PhD in Prevention Sciences at the same University, where she is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She works with the evaluation of the risk of alimentary contaminants, and especially with in vitro models for the study of the interactions between contaminants into blends, of the toxicity mechanisms of these substances and their effects on the cellular oxidative balance. Moreover, she gained experience in monitoring and critical evaluation of scientific literature, actively taking part in projects collaborating with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Since 2012 she is a postgraduate student of Food Science at the University of Milano. She performs freelance activities as nutritional consultant for individual diets aimed at specific needs and issues.

The team of technical specialists for services to industry

Dott.ssa Angela Michelotti
Graduated in Biology at the University of Pavia, she has a long-stand experience in the field of clinical research aimed to determine the safety and efficacy of cosmetic products and dietary supplements for skin health and cutaneous annexes. Her passion and experience got her involved in more organizational and management aspects of the planning of clinical investigations in several health areas. Excellent communication and critical thinking skills make her the perfect benchmark for sponsors and researches in the field of scientific protocols design, of CRF and informed consent. She approves the papers reporting the results of the studies. At the present moment she is the technical director of Farcoderm Company of Complife Group. The development of the activities in Europe and in the World fostered her knowledge of the most qualified scientific literature and of the guidelines of clinical investigation techniques. Her knowledge of the national and international normative makes her the responsible for the Regulatory Affairs Department for every company of the Group.

Dott. Francesco Tursi
Graduated in Biology at the University of Pisa, he is a Specialist in Pharmacological Research (Mario Negri, MI). Research Fellow at the Institute of Occupational Health of Helsinki, and at the Cancer Research Unit at the University of York (UK), he was the Supervisor of the Biochemical and Pharmacological Biochemical Lab at the Research Center of an important Italian pharmaceutical company. At the present moment he is the Scientific Supervisor of Farcos of Complife Group, a licensed ISO 17025 laboratory and Test Facility operating in BPL and leader in the microbiological and chemical-physical evaluation of raw materials and finished products (food and dietary supplements, cosmetics, disinfectants, medical devices) both in qualitative terms and in the evaluation of efficacy and in the technical-regulatory support.

Dott. Maximilian Orlandi
Graduated in Chemistry at the University of Milan, he achieved a Phd in Chemical Sciences at the same university. He gained important experience in CQ labs of pharmaceutical companies (production of solids, orals and injectables), working on the validations of analysis methods, machineries, productive and cleaning processes. Member of the Ordine Interprovinciale dei Chimici della Lombardia, he was member, as an expert, of the Subcommission "Cosmetic and Personal Hygiene Products" - Vegetal Extracts Department - at the Stazione Sperimentale for Oils and Greases Industries in Milan. He is the supervisor of the Chemical Analysis Laboratory of Farcos, Complife Group. He manages a team of technicians specialized in conventional and instrumental analysis of nutraceutical products, cosmetics and medical-surgical devices, providing technical-analytic support to clients.

Dott. Vincenzo Nobile
Graduated in Biology at the University of Pavia, he has strong experience in the field of experimental and clinical research of cellular, molecular and biochemical nature, both in experimental in vitro/ex vivo models and on human subjects. Over the years he could enhance his knowledge of clinical trials data management/analysis procedures and of the drafting of clinical research protocols; supplying his competence for the settlement and the choice of the research design and the selection criteria for the statistics units, of the setup of data collection and measuring tools, of the statistical methods to use, and for the data quality control.
At the present moment he operates in the development of innovative protocols and in the process of internationalization of Farcoderm Company of Complife Group.

Dott. Damiano Bartesaghi
Graduated in Food Sciences and Technologies at the University of Milan, with a thesis of economic interest on the analysis of the competitiveness and the sources of success in the food industry. He worked in a well-known chocolate company, where he dealt with the drafting and the development of sensory analysis methods and their execution with the clients. At the present moment he is in charge at the Sales Department of ActiCert for technical assistance and customer service.